CALLOUTS 1990-1999


Wednesday, December 29, 1999. Torc, Alert
The Team was called when two young boys wandered off whilst climbing the path near Torc waterfall. The call was soon cancelled as the boys returned to their group.

Sunday, November 28, 1999. Glenflesk, Assistance
The Team was called to assist in the rescue of a man trapped by floodwater near Glenflesk. The man was taken from the water by members of the Killarney Water Rescue Unit and transferred by KMRT personnel to an awaiting ambulance.

Sunday, November 7, 1999. Tomies Wood, Rescue
The Team was called when a group of walkers who had intended walking from Dinis to Tomies became lost and benighted in the woods not far from O'Sullivans Cascade. Following a series of mobile phone conversations in order to establish the approximate location of the group they were located safe and well in pitch black conditions and were subsequently led to safety.

Wednesday, October 27, 1999. McGillycuddy Reeks, Alert
The Team were alerted when a group of English walkers were overdue from a climb of Coomloughra. It was decided to send two Teams to search the Hag's Glen and the hydro track. As these Teams were about to set off the party returned safely.

Thursday, September 16, 1999. Hags Glen, Rescue
Killarney Gardai called the Team with a report of a walker having broken his femur following a fall into the Gaddagh river. The Team stretchered the casualty to Lisleibane and handed him over to an awaiting ambulance.

Thursday, September 9, 1999. Gougane Barra, Rescue
A group of 7 English walkers (comprising a mother and father, three grown-up children, a daughter-in-law and a family friend) attempted the horseshoe but became separated. One of the group arrived in Kilgarvan and raised the alarm, and the Team were called at 11.30pm. On arrival shouts were heard from steep ground at the back of the coom and a short search resulted in the location and rescue of one group member, who was unaware of the whereabouts of the others, having last seen them about 8hrs previously. A further search resulted in the location of the main group a considerable distance away, after they had used their camera flash to attract attention. Cold and tired but otherwise unhurt, they were walked off to safety, arriving down at 6am.

Thursday, August 26, 1999. Black Valley, Alert
The Team was called by Killarney Gardai when a walker who had left a group in the Black Valley to walk to Ladies View had not reached his destination. The callout was cancelled soon afterwards as the Gardai found the man on the Kenmare road.

Wednesday, August 18, 1999. Gougane Barra, Alert
Macroom Gardai called the Team to assist in the evacuation of a walker who had suffered a lower leg injury. As the Team was assembling at Gougane Barra the callout was cancelled after locals had succeeded in bringing down the casualty safely.

Sunday, June 6, 1999. McGillycuddy Reeks, Alert
The Team was called when a person suffered a broken hand whilst walking with a group in the Curraghmore area. The Team was mobilised but the callout was cancelled shortly afterwards as the person had made their own way down to safety.

Tuesday, May 18, 1999. Carrauntoohil, Rescue
A walker returning from Carrauntoohil noticed a distress signal coming from the east face of the mountain. She subsequently called the Gardai, who alerted the Team. A small advance party went to check the area whilst the rest of the Team was put on standby. On reaching the 'first level' a man was seen stranded on a ledge low down on the face, having made a seemingly miraculous descent to get down as far as the point where he had eventually become cragfast. As he was uninjured, Team members climbed to him and lowered him to safety.

Monday, May 17, 1999. Carrauntoohil, Fatality
At 15.45 the Killarney Gardai called on the Team to recover the body of a walker (who had suffered an apparent heart attack) from the Devil's Ladder. Following a stretcher carry and slope lower the body was transported in the Unimog to Lisleibane where it was handed over to the Gardai and undertaker.

Saturday, May 8, 1999. McGillycuddy Reeks, Alert
Killarney Gardai called the Team reporting that two Dutch people who had left the Climbers Inn to climb over Caher and Carrauntoohil had not reached their destination in the Black Valley. Earlier in the evening they had called the Climbers Inn saying that one of them had injured himself on barbed wire. Efforts to phone them again failed. As a search of the access roads got underway they arrived safely in the Black Valley.

Saturday, March 27, 1999. Carrauntoohil, Assistance
Two young climbers, one from Dublin and one French had set out to climb Howling Ridge but began to climb Primroses by mistake. High on the route a dislodged rock hit one of the pair causing facial and arm injuries and resulting in a short period of unconsciousness. Passers by were alerted by shouts and the Team were called. After alerting the IMES helicopter, an advance party climbed the route to the injured man whilst the main group began to prepare for a possible cableway evacuation. In fading light, the helicopter succeeded in winching the two men from their precarious position, aided by a near absence of wind.

Wednesday, March 17, 1999. Ballydesmond, Alert
The Gardai requested the assistance of the Team in searching for a man in a highly distressed state in woodlands north of Ballydesmond. Whilst a plan was being discussed the man was found and the callout cancelled.

Sunday, February 28, 1999. Gougane Barra, Rescue
The Team was called upon when the leader of a group of walkers high above Gougane Barra slipped and broke her ankle. She was stretchered off the mountain and handed over to an ambulance, which continued her evacuation to hospital in Cork.

Thursday, February 11, 1999. Torc, Alert
The Team was alerted after the Gardai received a vague mobile phone message regarding an incident in the Torc area. Before the details could be ascertained the female caller was cut off and could not be recontacted. As the Team assembled at the top Torc car park the caller was finally contacted and informed the Team that the missing man had turned up safe and well after being delayed on the track traversing the North face of the mountain. The man had arrived safely down some time previously but his companion had failed to notify the Gardai or the Team of his safe return.


Wednesday, December 30, 1998. Shehy, Rescue
Two ladies from Dublin became separated from their companion whilst descending Shehy Mountain and became lost and benighted. A preliminary operation managed to pinpoint the location of the pair above Glaisín na Marbh, and the Team made their way to the location from the Tomies side in atrocious conditions (it was not possible to approach from the Dinis side due to flooding). The final approach to the location was directed using radio communications from a Team member observing from close to the five mile bridge. The pair were escorted back to the awaiting Unimog.

Wednesday, December 30, 1998. Derrycunnihy, Alert
The Team were put on standby after two young children from Tralee became separated from an adult in the Derrycunnihy area. As plans were being drawn up the children turned up safe and well.

Tuesday, December 29, 1998. Carrauntoohil, Rescue
Five Dublin teenagers had been camping in Cummeenoughter when their tent blew down in fierce weather. They abandoned most of their equipment and made their way to the shelter hut, from where two of them managed to descend and raise the alarm the following day. The Team escorted the other three exhausted boys from the hill.

Sunday, November 15, 1998. Lough Acoose, Rescue
The Team were alerted after a German walker from Caragh Village broke her ankle on the Lack Road. When the Team arrived she was being evacuated down the track by a local man in a tractor. The Team applied a splint to the broken ankle and completed the evacuation to hospital.

Thursday, November 12, 1998. Killarney, Assistance
Team members were called to administer first aid following an accident at the climbing wall when a climber attached herself to the rope incorrectly and subsequently fell from the top of the wall as she leaned back and put her weight onto the rope. Following several anxious seconds a pulse was detected from the unconscious climber (who also had three fractured vertebrae), and she was stabilised until an ambulance arrived.

Sunday, October 11, 1998. Mangerton, Alert
The Team was alerted after two members of a scout group got separated from their party whilst climbing Mangerton. While initial inquiries were being made the missing teenagers turned up uninjured at Killarney Garda station.

Sunday, September 13, 1998. Purple Mountain, Rescue
A member of a Kinsale party climbing Purple mountain collapsed due to suspected hypothermia. Her party, together with some local people managed to carry her on a ladder some distance down the mountain, to a point at which she was met by the Team, treated and transferred to a stretcher. In darkness the Team evacuated her the remaining distance to Gearhameen from where she was taken by ambulance to hospital in Tralee.

Saturday, September 12, 1998. Mullaghanattin, Rescue
At 3.30pm during the previous search, the Team was called after a member of a party of fifteen from Cork had sustained a broken ankle while climbing Mullaghanattin. The party had descended with the casualty for a considerable distance by the time the Team arrived, at which point she was treated, transferred to a stretcher and carried the remaining distance to a field from where the IMES helicopter evacuated her to Tralee hospital.

Saturday, September 12, 1998. Killarney, Fatality (non-mountain)
The Team was asked by Gardai to co-ordinate a search for a local youth who had been missing since the previous Sunday night. Areas around Muckross and Knockreer as well as the lake shore and the Flesk river downstream from Whitebridge were searched in conjunction with the Civil Defence and the Killarney Water Rescue unit. During a further search the following Saturday his body was located trapped under a tree branch in the Flesk river by Team members searching with the aid of canoes. The body was recovered with the assistance of the Killarney Water Rescue unit.

Thursday, September 3, 1998. Kenmare, Alert
At 1.30am the Killarney Gardai requested the assistance of the Team in searching for an eleven year old boy, who had been reported missing in the Templenoe area. The Team was mobilised at first light, but shortly afterwards the Gardai reported that the boy had been found uninjured.

Saturday, August 8, 1998. McGillycuddy Reeks, Alert
The Gardai called the Team after a flare was apparently sighted over the Eastern Reeks. Following consultation with the Gardai no further action was taken, as no one had been reported missing.

Saturday, August 1, 1998. McGillycuddy Reeks, Alert
The Team was called when a number of people were reported overdue at Cronin's yard. As the Team was being mobilised the Gardai located the missing walkers at Lough Acoose.

Thursday, July 23, 1998. McGillycuddy Reeks, Search
A 14 year old boy who had started the Reeks walk with a group had descended into the Black Valley to finish the walk along the Kerry Way to Lough Acoose. When he did not arrive at the lake the group contacted the Gardai who then called the Team. During a search of the access roads the youth was located.

Sunday, July 19, 1998. Carrauntoohil, Rescue
At 1am Killarney Gardai reported that two experienced English walkers had started the Reeks walk the previous day intending to finish in the Climber's Inn that evening, but had failed to arrive. From 7am onwards the Team searched the various sections of the couple's planned route in appalling conditions. As the people were not found in the initial search, Teams were then sent to search various cooms, and it was during a search of the Coomloughra area that the missing persons were eventually heard blowing whistles from just below the Beenkeeragh ridge at 8.30pm, having spent over 24 hours waiting out the bad weather after becoming lost and cragfast. They were walked off to safety.

Monday, May 4, 1998. Mullaghanattin, Alert
Following a report from Gardai at 11.15pm that a lone walker who had parked his car in the Pocket that morning had failed to return, the Team was put on callout for 6am the following morning. As the Team was leaving Killarney, the local Gardai reported that the car had been removed during the night. At this stage the callout was cancelled.

Monday, April 13, 1998. Carrauntoohil, Rescue
The Team was called when a group of five climbers from Limerick, Germany and Holland were reported in difficulty on Howling Ridge due to ice. On contacting others in the party who were at Cronin's yard, it was established that the missing group had since been seen signalling from the summit of Carrauntoohil. After unsuccessful attempts to establish whether the group were still there or not, it was decided to send search parties on various possible descent routes. At 2am the missing climbers were found on the summit in sub-zero temperatures, and were subsequently escorted down via the Devil's Ladder (on which a rope was used for assistance in the icy conditions).


Monday, December 29, 1997. Carrauntoohil, Rescue
The Killarney Gardai received a call via mobile phone from a party of walkers on Carrauntoohil to say that they were experiencing difficulty in finding their way off the mountain. The assistant co-ordinator of the Team called the party and gave them directions for the top of the Devil's Ladder. On contacting the party again some 20 minutes later it was established that they were on the top of the Ladder but still in difficulty. At this stage the call signal broke down and could not be re-established. As darkness was setting in it was decided to send a small Team to meet them. On arriving at Cronin's yard the Team met the missing party.

Monday, November 3, 1997. Tomies, Alert
Following a report of lights being seen in the Tomies area the Gardai called the Team. As most of the Team were at a funeral that evening, National Park staff were requested to check the paths in the area. The head Park Ranger called back later to report that a digging machine had been operating in the area and that this accounted for the lights.

Sunday, September 28, 1997. McGillycuddy Reeks, Alert
The Team was alerted by the Killarney Gardai after a Meath registered car was still found to be at Cronins yard at 9.45pm. After some initial enquiries it was determined that they were staying at the Climber's Inn and had been in contact with the proprieter to say that they were safe but would be down late. At this stage the callout was cancelled.

Sunday, September 28, 1997. Crohane, Rescue
The Team was mobilised and the IMES helicopter was called after Gardai reported that a French student, walking in the Crohane area with a group from Cork, had dislocated his knee. Following first aid treatment the casualty was lowered by stretcher about 400 feet to Lough Nabroda from where he was airlifted to Tralee hospital.

Saturday, September 6, 1997. Lauragh, Alert
The Gardai called the Team after the reported sighting of a flare in the Lauragh area. Following a number of phone calls it was ascertained that a local farmer was burning scrub in the area of the sighting and as no other report was received the callout was cancelled.

Friday, August 8, 1997. Carrauntoohil, Alert
The Team was alerted after a walker reported passing two people on the Devil's Ladder travelling very slowly and apparently in some difficulty. It was ascertained that they had a car at Cronins yard, and when the Gardai checked the area the car had gone. At this stage the callout was cancelled.

Sunday, July 13, 1997. McGillycuddy Reeks, Assistance
The Team was called when a walker injured her ankle whilst crossing the Cummeenapeasta Ridge. The Team was mobilised and the IMES helicopter was called. As the Team was making it's way to the site the helicopter rescued the injured person.

Friday, June 27, 1997. Gap of Dunloe, Rescue
The Team was called to evacuate a English walker who had injured her ankle near the top of Strickeen, and the injured person was subsequently stretchered off and handed over to an awaiting ambulance. On the descent, another member of the party slipped and injured her leg, and was also assisted and handed over to the ambulance.

Thursday, June 19, 1997. Carrauntoohil, Alert
A party of three was reported overdue from a climb of Carrauntoohil, and the Team was put on standby. After about an hour the party returned and the callout was cancelled.

Monday, May 26, 1997. Carrauntoohil, Alert
The Gardai called the Team after reports of an injured person on Carrauntoohil. The Team was mobilised but a short time later the person walked out unaided.

Tuesday, May 6, 1997. Carrauntoohil, Rescue
A mobile phone call was received from the bottom of the Devil's Ladder requesting help for a person with an injured ankle. The injury was treated by Team members and the injured person was carried in the Unimog to Lisleibane. He was then taken by car to a doctor in Milltown.

Sunday, January 19, 1997. Coomasaharn, Alert
Two teenagers and a seven year old who had gone for a walk around Coomasaharn Lake had not returned to their car by 8.30pm. As locals were carrying out an initial search of the area at the time of the call, it was decided not to mobilise the full Team until the results of this search were known. At 10pm the Gardai reported that the trio had been located uninjured.


Monday, December 30, 1996. Slieve Mish, Alert
A walker who had gone ahead of his group failed to make contact with them later, and the Team was called. As the day was clear and the missing man was an experienced walker it was decided to delay the mobilisation of the Team until the roads on both sides of the mountains were checked. The Gardai later reported that the man had been located uninjured and the Team was stood down.

Sunday, September 29, 1996. Caher, Alert
A group of 12 to 14 people from Dublin, who had parked cars in the Bridia Valley and gone climbing, failed to return that evening. The Team assembled at the Climbers' Inn, where a man (who realised that it might be his group the Team were called to look for) made himself known. He informed the Team that the group had gone backpacking on Saturday and were planning to return on Sunday. Having ascertained this, the callout was cancelled.

Wednesday, September 18, 1996. Carrauntoohil, Alert
The Team was contacted by a local guesthouse owner when an English couple, who had gone climbing Carrauntoohil earlier in the day, had not returned. The Gardai were notified and asked to check Cronin's yard. At about 10pm the couple returned to the guesthouse.

Wednesday, August 28, 1996. Gougane Barra, Assistance
The Gardai called the Team after a man broke his ankle on the mountains near Gougane Barra. The Team was mobilised, as was the IMES helicopter, and as the Team were making their way to the scene the helicopter collected the casualty and transferred him to hospital in Cork.

Sunday, August 25, 1996. Black Valley, Assistance
As the Team were training in the Gap of Dunloe a call came that a man had suffered a heart attack on the Black Valley section of the Kerry Way, and that ambulance personnel had experienced difficulty in reaching him. The Team responded but matters were under control when Team members arrived at the scene.

Friday, August 23, 1996. McGillycuddy Reeks, Fatality
A local guesthouse owner reported to the Gardai that an Englishman who had booked in the previous day had not returned. A search for his car was undertaken, and when it was located at Kate Kearney's a full scale search was initiated. The Team was deployed on various routes on the Eastern Reeks and on the Purple/Tomies range. Shortly after 8pm the man's body was found above Cummeenapeasta Lake, having fallen from the ridge, and was stretchered down in darkness. His dog was brought down safely from the ridge the following Sunday. A rucksack containing the man's belongings was finally found in late January 1999 and was returned to the family.

Thursday, August 8, 1996. Brandon, Alert
The Team was called by a Cloghane publican saying that two people who had set out to climb Brandon that morning were overdue. As a callout was being initiated the two people arrived back safely..

Sunday, May 12, 1996. Caherdaniel, Alert
The Team was contacted when a group from an outdoor pursuits centre walking in the Caherdaniel area were reported long overdue. While the Team were speaking to the person that reported the incident the group returned safe and well.

Saturday, April 13, 1996. Conor Pass, Fatality
The Team was called when a ten year old boy failed to return from a climb at Pedlar's Lake. The IMES helicopter and the Dingle CCRS were also called but neither could be of assistance due to adverse weather. The Team proceeded to search the spur where the boy had last been seen, but found nothing. Some time later, a search dog Team searching the area at the back of the lake reported finding the boy's body. He was stretchered from the mountain and handed over to an undertaker.

Sunday, March 24, 1996. Brandon, Search
The Team was called when a family of four did not return to a car they had left in Cloghane having gone to climb Mt. Brandon. A search was initiated at dawn and included members of Dingle CCRS and the IMES helicopter. Following an appeal on local radio a report that the family had spent the night in Dingle was confirmed and the search was called off.

Sunday, March 17, 1996. Carrauntoohil, Alert
The Tralee Gardai requested the Team's assistance when five walkers had failed to return by their due time of 6pm. One of the walkers advised the Team of their safe return shortly afterwards.

Wednesday, January 24, 1996. Mangerton, Alert
The Team was notified after two people failed to return by nightfall from an orienteering-style event in the Stumpacommeen area. An advance party en route to the area met the group and was advised that the missing people had been located.

Wednesday, January 17, 1996. Carrauntoohil, Alert
The Team was alerted to the possibility that four climbers on Howling Ridge were in need of assistance. Information received from various sources indicated that the climbers did not in fact require assistance however, and they returned safely at 3.15am.

Tuesday, January 16, 1996. Kilcummin, Alert
The Gardai requested the assistance of the Team in searching for a farmer who had gone missing from the Kilcummin area, but it was decided to leave the matter in the hands of the Civil Defence. The Team was stood down after the man's body was recovered several days later.


Saturday, December 30, 1995. Purple Mountain, Alert
The Team was alerted after a group of walkers failed to return to Kate Kearney's after leaving a note with an estimated time of arrival. Following some investigations the three were located in their holiday cottage having failed to inform Kate Kearney's of their safe return.

Sunday, October 22, 1995. Lauragh, Search
A local farmer and his brother had got separated on the mountain and one man failed to return. An advance party and search dog carried out a preliminary search in the dark, but found nothing, and a full scale search was launched at first light. At 14.30 the missing man was located very cold and wet, but otherwise uninjured, and was transferred to hospital for medical assessment.

Wednesday, September 27, 1995. Brandon, Search
Tralee Gardai called the Team after a walker who had intended to climb the mountain, spend the night on the summit and return the following day had not arrived back as planned. The Team commenced an extensive search of the area before a member of Dingle CCRS reported that he had picked up the man uninjured on the Brandon Creek road.

Sunday, August 20, 1995. Slieve Mish, Alert
Tralee Gardai alerted the Team after three teenagers who had gone climbing had failed to return. The Team was mobilised but whilst en route to Tralee the three turned up uninjured and the callout was stood down.

Tuesday, June 20, 1995. Mangerton, Search
The Team was called to assist in a search after a local woman disappeared into woods near her home in a distressed state. Following several hours of searching the woman was located uninjured.

Saturday, June 10, 1995. Mangerton, Search
Following the discovery of an abandoned tent, a general search of the Horses Glen/Devil's Punch Bowl area was made in conjunction with SARDA, followed by a detailed line search covering several square kilometers around the tent. Neither search revealed anything, and the owner of the tent identified himself to Gardai in Limerick several days later.

Sunday, April 9, 1995. Carrauntoohil, Assistance
The Team was called after a UCC walker fell down the Coomloughra side of the Beenkeeragh Ridge in icy conditions and the remainder of the party retreated down the Hag's Glen to raise the alarm, having deemed it too risky to attempt to descend to their fallen companion. After a seemingly miraculous escape the man (who had apparently tumbled 600 feet and had been knocked unconscious for a short time) was located by Team members making his own way down the hydro track with multiple bruises.

Sunday, March 5, 1995. Carrauntoohil, Search
Two Tralee climbers failed to return from a trip on the mountain, and an advance party made their way to the second level of Cummeenoughter where the pair had been seen earlier in the day. When the main Team arrived at Ard na Locha, lights were seen at the bottom of the Devil's Ladder, which proved to be the missing climbers.


Friday, December 23, 1994. McGillycuddy Reeks, Fatality
The Team was called out by a walker after his companion had sustained a serious fall at the back of Lough Gooch. When the walker left the scene to raise the alarm the casualty was still alive, however when the Team arrived at the location some time later he had sadly passed away and the body was subsequently stretchered down to the valley floor.

Saturday, November 12, 1994. Muckross, Search
A search of the Muckross lakeshore was carried out after a local canoeist had gone missing earlier in the week. The search was carried out in conjunction with the Civil Defence and other locals, but proved fruitless. His body was eventually found in spring 1995.

Saturday, April 16, 1994. Barley Lake, Alert
The Team was called when two scouts went missing during a camp at the Lake. As Team members were being called out the boys turned up uninjured.

Wednesday, April 6, 1994. Carrauntoohil, Fatality
The body of a young climber was discovered on snow at the foot of a gully close to the start of Curved Gully. He was stretchered down to Ard na Locha and transferred to the Unimog.

Sunday, January 2, 1994. Mullaghanattin, Rescue
A young Dublin hillwalker broke her leg on the ridge. The IMES helicopter was unable to carry out a rescue due to strong winds, and the Team then lowered the casualty on a stretcher down some very dangerous ground.


Monday, December 27, 1993. Carrauntoohil, Alert
The Team was alerted after a walker went missing from his group. As the Team assembled at Lisleibane a report came in that he had been found and brought down safely by another walker.

Sunday, October 17, 1993. Clydagh Valley, Alert
The Team was called when a local sheep farmer failed to return from the Paps. The call was cancelled as the Team were preparing to move.

Sunday, August 8, 1993. Caherdaniel, Search
Four youngsters who were walking the Waterville to Caherdaniel section of the Kerry Way failed to arrive, and were located in the dark on the Caherdaniel side of the Windy Gap.

Wednesday, June 9, 1993. McGillycuddy Reeks, Alert
The Team was called after a Scotsman failed to return from a walk in the Eastern Reeks. As the Team assembled in Cronin's Yard the missing man turned up, having walked from Lough acoose.

Friday, February 12, 1993. Tomies, Search
The Team was called on after a walker had failed to return from a walk from Tomies to Dinis. Following a difficult search through thick rhododendron he was located and brought by boat from Glena to Dinis Cottage.

Saturday, January 9, 1993. Ballaghasheen, Rescue
A local man had fallen near Coombaha lake and following a four hour stretcher carry by the Team he was transferred to hospital.

Friday, January 8, 1993. Coomaciste Pass, Alert
The Team was put on standby after a road accident in which a vehicle left the road, but the call was later cancelled.

Thursday, January 7, 1993. Mangerton, Alert
Locals reported seeing lights on the mountain and the Team was alerted, but it later transpired that two people were on a night climb.


Saturday, December 26, 1992. Carrauntoohil, Alert
The Team was alerted following an accident in which a young girl hurt her ankle. As she was able to travel with the help of her companions no Team involvement was deemed necessary.

Wednesday, September 16, 1992. McGillycuddy Reeks, Alert
A report was made to Gardai that a walker who went out on the Reeks earlier that day had not returned. On ringing Cronin's Yard it transpired that two others were also missing. While a recce of the access road was being made by Gardai the three turn up at Cronin's Yard together and uninjured.

Tuesday, September 8, 1992. Glanmore, Search
Two German hostellers who had gone hillwalking from the Glanmore Lake hostel failed to return for two nights. A search was initiated with the assistance of the helicopter. Late in the afternoon it was learned that they had camping equipment with them and they returned to the hostel soon afterwards.

Friday, September 4, 1992. Carrauntoohil, Alert
A group of walkers reported hearing shouts for help coming from the Cummeenoughter area. On verifying the story with them it transpired that the shouts were also accompanied by whistles and dog barks. As nobody was reported missing and there were no abandoned cars it was assumed that they had heard local sheep farmers.

Wednesday, August 26, 1992. Shehy/Glena, Alert
The Gardai called the Team with a report of a large group of people overdue on a walk from the Gap of Dunloe to Muckross. Having spent a wet night in the Glena area they made their own way to the Kenmare Road in the morning.

Sunday, July 19, 1992. Carrauntoohil, Alert
The alarm was raised when an 18 year old walker got separated from his family while descending the mountain. While the facts were being verified with the family the missing man, who had made his way down the Curraghmore side, arrived at Cronin's Yard.

Sunday, July 12, 1992. Carrauntoohil, Fatality
The Team was alerted after a walker failed to return to Cronin's Yard after a planned ascent of the mountain. Her body was located during a search of the Curraghmore area and was subsequently stretchered down to Ard na Locha, transferred to the unimog and handed over to Gardai.

Monday, July 6, 1992. Mangerton, Search
The Team was called on to search for a walker who became separated from her companions near the summit. Following a search which also involved National Park staff and the helicopter she was located uninjured near the Old Kenmare Road.

Monday, June 1, 1992. Croagh Patrick, Alert
The Team was asked to assist in a search for a walker on Croagh Patrick, but the walker was located before the Team departed.

Monday, June 1, 1992. Bridia Valley, Alert
The Team was put on standby when a walker on the Kerry way became separated from her companion. The Gardai located her near Lough Acoose.

Wednesday, April 29, 1992. Mangerton, Alert
The Team was put on standby after three fell runners failed to return from a run on Mangerton. They were eventually located in Kilgarvan and the Old Kenmare Road, having become separated.

Friday, March 27, 1992. Carrauntoohil, Rescue
An English walker was heard calling for help late in the evening by other walkers descending the Devil's Ladder. Following a Team search of the area between the Devil's Ladder and the Heavenly Gates he was located, having sustained a broken leg above the ankle. After a long stretcher carry he was airlifted from Ard na Locha.


Thursday, December 26, 1991. Ballaghasheen, Search
Three people out for a walk failed to return home before dark and a search of the area was undertaken. The party were located after about an hour in the woods on the Waterville side of the pass.

Monday, November 18, 1991. Gougane Barra, Alert
Thirteen walkers from a Cork club got into difficulties in poor light. The Team responded but the walkers managed to get to safety before the Team arrived.

Tuesday, November 12, 1991. Beenoskee, Search
A local farmer reported seeing an abandoned tent near Beenoskee, and a search was undertaken with all parties eventually meeting up at the tent. A search of the contents revealed a local address and following up on this information the Gardai located the owner in Cloghane.

Sunday, November 3, 1991. Tralee, Alert
Gardai reported the sighting of a flare near Tralee but were unsure whether the flare came from the mountain or from a boat. The Team decided to standby but no further action was taken.

Monday, August 19, 1991. Torc, Alert
The Team was alerted after a hillwalker was benighted, but the walker returned before the search got underway.

Monday, August 12, 1991. Annascaul, Rescue
A French tourist got into difficulties on the steep ground above Annascaul Lake and was lowered to safety by the Team.

Thursday, August 8, 1991. Loo Bridge, Rescue
Two girls became cragfast on the cliffs above the Loo Bridge youth hostel, and were escorted to safety by the Team.

Saturday, August 3, 1991. Carrauntoohil, Rescue
A hillwalker, having parted from her husband at the top of the Devil's Ladder, climbed to the summit but went off route on descent and got into difficulties over Curraghmore Lake. After an all night search the Team located her the following morning and evacuated her to an awaiting helicopter at the lake.

Thursday, January 31, 1991. Carrauntoohil, Rescue
A Cork walker became separated from his group, and after failing to climb Central Gully due to hard ice became cragfast on Central Buttress. An advance party located him just before midnight and brought him to safety.


Monday, December 31, 1990. Glenteenassig, Rescue
A Cork climber suffered a broken femur after being avalanched down a gully. An advance party reached him and administered first aid before he was stretchered off just before midnight.

Tuesday, August 28, 1990. Carrauntoohil, Assistance
An English walker suffering from an old back injury was severely handicapped on his descent down the Devil's Ladder. A Team member met him and descended for further help. The man was assisted to an awaiting National Park landrover as darkness fell.

Thursday, August 23, 1990. Ardgroom, Fatality (non-mountain)
The body of a local farmer who had been reported missing the previous evening was located on the seashore in Kilmacalogue harbour shortly before the Team's arrival to co-ordinate a search.

Tuesday, August 21, 1990. Tomies, Search
A party of 1 man and 3 women went missing whilst attempting to walk from Gearhameen to Tomies along the lakeshore. An all night search was made, which was joined by National Park staff, local boatmen and SARDA dogs at first light. The group were finally located by an Air Corps crewman in a clearing surrounded by Rhododendrons on the Western slopes of Glena and were airlifted out.

Tuesday, August 21, 1990. Tomies, Rescue
A 17 year old English walker suffered from exhaustion and exposure on the Northern slopes, and was quickly reached by an advance Team party who began evacuation. As the main stretcher party neared the site the Air Corps managed to airlift the casualty to hospital in the final minutes of daylight.

Wednesday, August 15, 1990. Conor Pass, Search
The Team were requested at noon to search for two German walkers who were believed to be on the hills to the East of the Connor Pass (their car having been unattended since the previous day). After an initial recce the Shannon helicopter was requested to assist in the search, however soon after this a Team member located the missing pair, who had become benighted near Glentenassig.

Saturday, June 23, 1990. Mount Eagle, Fatality
The Team were requested to co-ordinate a large-scale search of the Mount Eagle area for a missing farmer. SARDA dogs from Wales and Northern Ireland were also used, after being transported here by the RAF. The man's body was located, having suffered an apparent heart attack.

Wednesday, June 6, 1990. Brandon, Alert
A 23 year old professional photographer from Germany became separated from his friend on the Eastern pilgrim route. After initial groundwork by the Team and the Gardai, the callout was put on standby as the helicopter was en route to Cork to pick up SARDA dogs. The Team were about to resume the search when the man descended unaided.

Sunday, May 27, 1990. McGillycuddy Reeks, Alert
The Team were requested to search for a party of three from Cork, which included an eight year old boy. A preliminary search had just been initiated when the party turned up just before darkness fell.

Sunday, May 27, 1990. McGillycuddy Reeks, Fatality
An English walker suffered a heart attack close to Cummeenapeasta. A Cork backpackers group attempted resuscitation before the Air Corps evacuated the casualty, who was certified dead on arrival at hospital.

Thursday, March 1, 1990. McGillycuddy Reeks, Rescue
The Team were alerted after an English walker suffered exhaustion in Cummeen gCaorach and his friend raised the alarm. In atrocious winds the Team evacuated the casualty by stretcher to Coolroe, arriving at 3.00am following several pitches of roped stretcher lowering. One Team member suffered a head injury due to a wind-related fall.

Sunday, February 18, 1990. Co Limerick, Fatality (non-mountain)
Following the drowning of a canoeist in an accident on the River Shannon, the Team were requested to co-ordinate the recovery of the body from a flooded island. The Gardai, Air Corps, Civil Defence and local canoeists were also involved.

Tuesday, February 13, 1990. Kenmare, Alert
A forestry worker failed to return to his base at Carks, but whilst plans were being drawn up for a search the man turned up elsewhere.

Wednesday, February 7, 1990. Torc, Search
The Team were called out to search for a man missing on the South side of Torc after he strayed from his party. A preliminary search was carried out along with Gardai and National Park staff and the man was located cold and tired near Tower wood.

Sunday, January 21, 1990. Killarney, Fatality (non-mountain)
The Team responded to a request to recover the body of a local man from the River Flesk. He had been missing since mid-December and the recovery concluded an intensive search by various local individuals and organisations.

Monday, January 1, 1990. Dingle, Assistance
A local boatman became stranded on a cliff ledge at Beenbane following the break-up of his half decker on rocks. The Team were requested to evacuate the man but the Air Corps carried out the evacuation minutes before the arrival of the Team.